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How Stress Affects the Skin

acne scarringStress can have a damaging impact on the health of your skin.

Stress causes chemical and hormonal reactions in our bodies which is known to affect the skin with a range of potential symptoms, including:

When symptoms start to be visible in the health of the skin, it is best to get it under control so that stress-related issues don’t become long-term skin problems.

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre based in Northampton offers the latest skin treatments and technology. Whereas many skin clinics tend to concentrate largely on anti-ageing injections, Mulberry House Clinic also offers a range of treatments to address skin health issues.

Treatments to Improve the Skin

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is another potential stress-related condition which leaves the skin feeling dry and easily irritated.

Video: Sensitive Skin – A Common Complaint –

Advice from Dr John Tanqueray

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Mulberry House Clinic & Laser centre stands out in the Northampton area as an independent practice with over 10 years experience. Cosmetic skin treatments are carried out by Dr John Tanqueray, who also works with Allergan to train other professionals in his skills and techniques.

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Article Name
How Stress Affects the Skin
Stress can cause skin issues including: premature ageing, eczema, psoriasis, acne, sensitivity. Mulberry House Clinic treatments to address skin problems.