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Excessive Underarm Perspiration

hyperhidrosisSweating is an entirely natural bodily process. When we are warm, our bodies sweat to reduce temperature.

However, the condition known as hypdrhidrosis relates to excessive sweating and this can be quite a different thing.

While relatively common, it can be socially very difficult for the sufferer.

Symptoms can include visible, large ‘damp patches’ around the armpits of clothes, so that people find themselves choosing patterned clothes that are less obvious in showing the sweat marks. Clothes can become stained quite quickly and need replacing more often. Wearing a jacket or cardigan to hide the sweat of course can make it worse as the body becomes warmer with more clothes. Some patients find that the odour created by sweat is also a problem.

Hyperhidrosis is not simply a matter of personal hygiene. Showering daily helps to control body odour caused by stale sweat, but does not stop the sweat happening in the first place. For excessive sweating patients, even the strongest anti-perspirant does not seem to have enough impact.

Anti-Sweat Injections

For underarm hyperhidrosis, the problem can be solved very effectively with BOTOX® injections for hyperhidrosis. These can last anything from 5 up to 14 months, and are easily repeated when necessary.

With the injections, there is no more need to worry about which colours and clothes you can wear, or having to change frequently as the sweat literally ‘dries up’ in the affected area for months at a time.

Treatment to Consider:

Patient Feedback:

“I really am delighted with the results.”

P.E. Peterborough

“…they had an instant effect…and I didn’t sweat one drop.”

L.E. Northampton