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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

BOTOX®, Botulinum Toxin

BOTOX® (Botulinum toxin type A) has been used therapeutically for a range of medical problems since the 1980’s.

After it was noted around 1990 that treatment of facial ‘tics’ resulted in improvement in wrinkles its use in cosmetic and medical skin treatments has grown dramatically.

Botox® Treatment

BOTOX® is an effective and now well-established treatment for lines and wrinkles.

The most commonly treated areas are

BOTOX® can also be used to:

  • soften lines around the mouth, chin and neck
  • to elevate mouth corners (down-turned mouth)
  • to improve jawline definition (the so-called Nefertiti neck lift)
  • eyebrow shaping
  • improvement in lack of symmetry

BOTOX® can only be obtained by a doctor’s prescription following medical assessment. Detailed understanding of the anatomy of facial muscles is required to achieve the best results and needs to be combined with careful individual assessment.

BOTOX® is administered by a series of injections of small amounts of solution via a fine needle so that any discomfort is minor and short-lived. Slight swelling and redness settles within half an hour or so. Lines and wrinkles diminish as a result of a relaxing effect on the specific muscles whose repeated movements have caused them. The effects of treatment start after a few days and are complete within two weeks; benefits of treatment will last usually for 3 or 4 months. Repeated treatments at 3-4 monthly intervals will give optimum results over the long term – both in terms of preventing wrinkle formation but also by allowing remodelling of skin to occur so that any fixed creases will improve over time.

Quite commonly after a series of treatments the effects last longer, so quite a number of our clients only need treatment twice a year.

Botox® Results

Our aim at Mulberry House Clinic is to give you a fresher more youthful appearance, not an artificial “frozen” look.

The compliments our clients report are that they are told they look “well” or “refreshed” (unfortunately for us they sometimes go on to reply that its thanks to some new make-up or a refreshing holiday!).

Lines & wrinkles before treatment Lines & wrinkles after treatment

Botox vs Fillers vs Laser

Dr John Tanqueray explains in our video the difference between the top three non-surgical procedures – wrinkle-relaxing injections, dermal fillers and laser treatments.

Botox FAQ

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Botox® Reviews

“I’m impressed with your attention to detail.” M.V. Northampton

“Since having Botox I am no longer frowning at my children. I am a convert!” B.C.Northampton

“People have been telling me how well I look. My eyes and forehead look so much fresher and less tired.” C.M. Northampton

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