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Facial Peel FAQs

Your Facial Peel questions answered

What are they?

The term peel refers to a process of exfoliation, stimulation and rejuvenation that is triggered by the application of preparations to the skin. The strength of peels varies widely, from the milder ones which will cause little if any upset to the skin, through to more aggressive, deeper peels that will leave redness, swelling and peeling for 7 – 10 days. There is always a balance between the improvement you want to see and the likely side-effects afterwards, so it is obviously important to have treatment that is appropriate for you.

What can they do?

Depending on the strength of the peel, and the number of treatments the effects that can be achieved include: brighter, fresher skin tone; smoother skin look and feel; improvement in fine lines; reduction in pigmentation; skin-tightening; scar reduction. They can also be an effective way of controlling acne.

Is the experience unpleasant?

With the lighter peels, such as Agera Rx the treatment is quite pleasant. Some minor stinging may be felt initially, but this rapidly fades. Stronger peels can be painful while they are applied, but this is relatively short-lived.