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Lips & Lip-Lines

Full, luscious lips are a highly attractive feature, making a smile appear fuller and brighter. However, where the lips are thin or lined, it can be less attractive. 

Lines that develop around the mouth can be quite ageing, lending a dried out and crinkly look to the lips which can make the smile less attractive than with full, hydrated lips. This is especially the case in smokers, whose repeated dragging on cigarettes can appear to leave lines. The good news is that they can be smoothed and lifted using the latest dermal fillers.

This isn’t just a problem for smokers.

Some people simply want to enhance their shape or volume for a fuller, softer smile. For those with naturally thin lips or whose lips have lost some of their natural fullness with age again this can be achieved using dermal fillers.

Whatever the motivations, the main aim of treatment is to restore a natural shape and degree of fullness to the lip border and/or the lip itself.

We understand that almost eveyone is concerned that the effects of treatment should look and feel natural. Our policy is to take a gentle approach on the basis that often less is more, and we can easily add to the treatment gradually if necessary in order to achieve the result you want.

We use the latest lip filler products which are based on naturally occuring hyarluronic acid. While long-lasting, these are not permanent avoiding the well-publicised risks associated with permanent filler injections.

Treatments to Consider:

Patient Feedback:

“That was completely painless”

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