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3D Imaging Skin Consultation

New for 2018

LifeViz® Mini

liveviz 3d cameraNow patients can get an unprecedented insight into the condition of their skin, thanks to the new introduction of 3D photography.

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre patients can now experience in depth consultations with the LifeViz® Mini system.

This new technology takes detailed and accurate images which are combined into 3 dimensional representation. When patients are able to look objectively at their own skin together with the Aesthetic Doctor, it is a much easier and better informed consultation process. You can see what the doctor sees and also point out any features or areas of concern for appraisal.

Skin Conditions

Thanks to clever software, LifeViz® mini also provides detailed skin analysis with data and images to assess an individual’s skin against a range of skin criteria, including:

The image below shows the pictorial results of this analysis:

skin analysis

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SkinCare Report

The LifeViz® Mini software uses complex analysis to grade the skin against these criteria, highlighting areas for improvement.

Visual Records

The LifeViz® Mini doesn’t just help at initial consultation, it also provides a record of the patient’s progress from appointment to appointment, so that the impact of skin treatments and skincare regimes can be reviewed.

Keeping a record of photos also makes it easier to track any ongoing changes in the facial structure, condition of the skin, pigmentation or other concerns.

Private Consultation

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