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Multi-Point Face Lift

Exclusive Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Procedure

at Mulberry House Clinic

The Multi-Point Face Lift is essentially an advanced evolution of the 8-point face lift. This is a similar procedure in some ways as it:

  • is a non-invasive/non-surgical procedure
  • uses dermal fillers – also known as liquid face lift
  • uses filler injections a structural way
  • involves careful positioning of injections designed to lift facial features
  • creates a subtle and natural look
  • has a rejuvenating and freshening impact

However, the Multi-Point Face Lift is much more sophisticated.

Video – Introducing the Multi-Point Face Lift

In this video, Dr John Tanqueray introduces the exclusive Multi-Point Face Lift.

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Multi-Point Face Lift vs 8 Point Face Lift

The 8 point facelift has revolutionised the way Aesthetic Doctors think about dermal fillers, using them in a more structural way with multiple injection points.

8 Point Face Lift

Mulberry House Clinic’s Multi-Point Face Lift takes this to another level.

  • highly sophisticated procedure
  • further refinements that include all areas of the face including brow, temple, forehead as well as cheeks, chin, lips and jawline
  • multiple injection points to artfully rejuvenate the face
  • customised procedure, adapted and tailored to each patient’s individual facial anatomy
  • flattering and effective, looking natural but not overly ‘taut’ or ‘frozen’

While the 8-Point Face Lift focused on specific areas in the mid and lower face, but the multi-point lift divides the face into sub-units, such as the brow, eyes, cheeks, chin, jawline – which can also be targeted to get a good overall result.

As Dr Tanqueray explains:

“As a more sophisticated treatment, it requires comprehensive assessment and planning as well as excellent skills in delivering the treatment.”


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How Do I Find Out More?

To learn more, we offer a private initial consultation with Dr John Tanqueray at our Northamptonshire clinic. Please call 01604 702 630 or use the “Book a Consultation” enquiry form on the top right of this page and we’ll get back to you.

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Multi-Point Face Lift - Our exclusive multi-point facelift is the sophisticated and advanced evolution of the 8-point facelift, using dermal fillers for non invasive rejuvenation.