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Juvéderm® Fillers Reviews

Video Testimonial

Mrs K exercises and watches what she eats, but says she started to notice that by keeping her slim body shape, she was seeing the appearance of shallowness under her eyes, wrinkles from nose to mouth and general volume loss in the face.

She explains:

“There is a saying that women over 35 must choose between their face or their body, meaning that if they want to have a nice plump face they have to be larger just to plump up the wrinkles, or if they want to have a nice toned body then they’re going to end up with a wrinkly face.”

Following treatment by Dr John Tanqueray, she managed to achieve the best of both worlds.  Juvederm filler injections were used for gently adding volume into the facial skin, erasing the lines, wrinkles and thinning areas that were appearing.