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Body: Skin Conditions and Issues

Most of our work at Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre concerns the face. Little wonder as it’s the area that is “on show” all day long. However, there a number of skin conditions that affect the body too.

laser hair removal legs

We offer a number of treatments that address problems in other areas of the body, mainly neck, chest, hands, legs and abdomen.

This could be a result of the natural ageing process, for example, loose skin on the decolletage or thin, aged skin on the hands. However, for others, there may be an underlying medical condition, such as hyperhidrosis in the case of excessive sweating, or PCOS in the case of unwanted body hair.

Our most popular treatment for the body at the moment is laser hair removal, as more and more women and men discover the convenience and benefits of permanent hair reduction.

Skin Problems and Concerns – Body

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Interesting fact :
The head and neck account for around 9% of the total surface area on the average adult – so there is around 10 times as much skin on the body.
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Skin conditions that affect the body - loose skin, excess hair. Treatments that address problems such as neck, decolletage, chest, hands, legs and abdomen.