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Guide To Choosing Your Treatment Provider

How to achieve value for money and natural results from a non-surgical treatment provider

Dr Tanquerayby Dr John Tanqueray, Cosmetic Physician


Finding the right practitioner to deliver the best results for you while keeping the costs as reasonable as possible can be difficult and confusing.

Having met too many people who have had a poor experience I have  developed this guide to help you make the right decision first time – please feel free to print it off and use it to compile a checklist of questions you would like to ask, and make notes to guide your decision.

The benefits to you

  • To make it easier for you to make an informed choice in a confusing marketplace
  • To help you obtain the most cost-effective treatment
  • To help you choose a practitioner who is likely to deliver treatment safely
  • To help you achieve natural looking results that enhance your appearance

How to approach your quest to find the right practitioner and practice

  • Do your research
  • At the first consultation think as if you are checking the practitioner out on behalf of a relative rather than yourself – you’ll be more critical and objective that way.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Visit each clinic and practitioner first before committing to a treatment
  • Make sure you compare like for like
  • Focus on value for money and results rather than headline price

15 Useful Questions

What a New Patient Should Ask a Practitioner Before Having Any Non-Surgical Procedure

15 What is the treatment philosophy of the practitioner?
What are the qualifications of the practitioner and how do they demonstrate their expertise?
How long has the practitioner been carrying out these procedures?
Does the practice offer a comprehensive range of treatments to provide the most suitable and effective treatment for me?
What results can I expect to achieve?
How much information is provided to help you make the right choice?
How much attention to detail is there to ensure you achieve the best results?
Which products will be used, and which brands specifically?
What is the treatment environment like?
How well does the practitioner listen to you?
Are possible side-effects and complications clearly explained?
Is there evidence of patients being happy?
Is it clear what you will need to pay in order to achieve the desired result? Are there any hidden extras?
What is the aftercare and support policy like?
Can I see before and after procedure photos carried out by the resident practitioner rather than industry supplied stock photos?

Making Your Final Decision

With so much choice and variable pricing it can be quite confusing. This table may help you prioritise your preferred providers.

Table Summary of Your Findings

Practice Name

(and Contact Details)

Name of Practitioner Professional Status

(Doctor, nurse, dentist, other)

Assessment Score 1-10

(1 = worst, 10 = excellent)







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john tanquerayWe hope you’ve enjoyed reading this information and that you find it useful. I wish you every success on finding a practitioner and service that best suits your needs!    

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