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Poor Skin Texture

Poor skin texture is a problem that can occur at any age and may affect either women or men.

When the skin is in poor condition, it lacks radiance and can look unhealthy. Even the colour may look odd as the complexion is not as it should be.

Visible symptoms of poor skin condition could occur include:

  • coarse, dry or rough skin
  • thin or crepey skin
  • dryness – a dehydrated appearance, may be accompanied by flaking
  • oily or greasy skin
  • signs of sun damage

Whatever the symptoms, modern aesthetic medicine has a range of options that can deliver a healthier glow, dewier complexion and more radiant looking skin.

Suggested Treatments for Skin Texture:

Treatment would depend on consultation, at which Dr Tanqueray would closely examine the skin to fully diagnose the problem. As an experienced general practitioner with particular knowledge of the skin, John is ideally placed to identify any underlying issues before recommending treatment.

Options for improving skin texture include:

Interesting fact:

What we often call “ageing skin” has much more to do with accumulated sun exposure over time than age itself.