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Downturned Mouth

As a result of muscle activity over the years, and loss of volume from the mouth corners we can develop a look that makes us look sad even when we’re not.

This can be particularly distressing or even embarrassing and patients are often quite concerned that they are thought of as being moody or depressed when it is simply a sign of ageing. It can even cause problems in relationships or at work when dealing with other people. It is quite discouraging not to look as happy and young on the outside as you feel inside!

Treatments to Consider for Down-Turned Mouth:

Dermal fillers and Botox are used to improve this area and can give extremely pleasing results, often immediately.

In addition, treatment such as Thermage or Dermaroller micro-needling may be used to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanisms from within, by boosting collagen production.

Patient Feedback:

“Thank you for my new mouth.”

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