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Sculptra Injections

Sculptra is a unique injectable treatment for improving the firmness of the skin and increasing volume.

As more is understood about the ageing process it is clear that much of the problem relates to loss of volume of subcutaneous tissues.

Sculptra works by stimulating the collagen-producing cells under the skin, so a gradual but natural and long-lasting result is achieved.

By giving a generalised increase in volume in these areas a rejuvenating and lifting effect can be achieved over a series of treatments.

Key Sculptra Treatment Areas:

Sculptra is generally most effective in the middle to lower face and chin areas:

Upper face:

  • in the temples
  • under the eyes (tear troughs)
Mid face:

  • cheekbones
  • cheeks
  • nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines)
Lower face:

  • chin
  • jawline

Sculptra FAQ

What is Sculptra?
Is Sculptra used like other dermal fillers?
Are the effects immediate?
What sort of age is this treatment best for?
Is it suitable for women and men?
How many treatments will I need?
How long do I need to leave between each treatment?
Who carries out this treatment?
How long will the effects last?
What about discomfort or bruising?
What requirements are there for aftercare?
Can I wear makeup?
I’m worried about the possibility of lumps developing after treatment.
Who should not have treatment?
What treatment areas are not good for Sculptra?
How do I know I'm choosing the right treatment?

Sculptra Treatment Costs

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Sculptra Reviews at Mulberry House Clinic

What our Patients Say

“I have at last got back the youthful fullness in my face that I so longed for”

“The results are fantastic – and I needed less treatment than I thought I would”

“I feel great – the treatment has done exactly what I wanted it to do”

“My skin is feeling much firmer”

“It’s great to have cheekbones again!”

“The hollowness in my cheeks has really filled out nicely and I’ve had loads of comments about how well I’m looking”

“When I see myself in the mirror now I feel so much more confident”

“I’ve had a lot of compliments about how I’m looking (but I haven’t told anybody about my treatment!)”

“I love the way my make-up goes on now”

“The results are fantastic – amazing – and I needed less treatment than I thought I would”

“My skin feels so much firmer. I feel really confident when I go out now”

“It’s had a great effect around the eyes”

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Sculptra volumising injections work by stimulating collagen-production in the skin, so a gradual but natural and long-lasting result is achieved. Treatment with skilled doctor, Northamptonshire clinic.