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Facial Volume-Loss

Skin Folds and Loss of Fullness

One of the consequences of ageing is that we lose the supporting tissues under the skin, causing folds and creases to develop.

A group of treatments known as Dermal Fillers are available to replace this lost volume, restoring the natural appearance.

The most common areas that we treat are the nose-to-mouth folds, lines and folds around the mouth, cheeks and cheekbones and frown lines. Other areas that can be treated include the temples, eyebrow and under the eye (tear trough).

Loss of volume in the hands, neck and decolletage can also be treated easily and effectively.

Alternatively, or alongside use of dermal fillers; treatments are available which work to improve the structure of the skin from the inside, boosting collagen production and natural healing mechanisms so that the skin appears tighter and firmer. These give a smooth and natural looking result which builds in the weeks or months following treatment as the skin’s renewal continues to build.

Treatments to Consider: