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INFINI Radio-Frequency

3D Volumisation – a major advance in skin treatment

INFINI radiofrequencyUsing  2 types of radiofrequency technologies:

  1. Micro-needling Fractional Radiofrequency (MFR) and
  2. Superficial Fractional Radiofrequency (SFR)

The combination of radiofrequency technologies makes INFINI quite unique. Delivering radiofrequency energy through fine needles allows the treatment to work beneath the skin’s surface. Altering the depth of needle penetration as well as the pulse emitted makes a highly sophisticated 3D treatment for boosting natural facial volume.

An Introduction to INFINI

Video: Dr John Tanqueray Explains INFINI Treatment

How INFINI Works

We have been watching this technology since it first came out over 2 years ago, and we’re now very happy to have found the INFINI device, which we believe delivers all that is best about this technology.Dr John Tanqueray

Recommended for treating:

  • skin tightening
  • textural improvement
  • general rejuvenation
  • acne scarring

In addition, potentially very useful with:

  • active inflammatory acne
  • enlarged pores
  • excessive sebum

Radiofrequency with Micro Needling

product-banner-infiniThat radiofrequency works to tighten and improve the skin is well understood, but until now delivering it accurately and effectively to the depth that is needed has been a problem.

Traditional radiofrequency treatments aim to deliver RF energy from the outside and have delivered quite variable and unpredictable results, and especially for a high cost treatment this is a major disadvantage.

The way INFINI works is quite different: multiple very fine needles are placed at a predetermined depth in the skin and a brief pulse of radio-frequency is emitted from them before they are withdrawn. Over one treatment different depths can be treated so that a 3D effect is achieved.

Before & After Photos

Skin Rejuvenation – Wrinkles and Pigmentation

before and after infini

Courtesy of Matteo Tretti Clementoni, MD, Italy

More INFINI Treatment Results

INFINI results

Infini FAQ

How long does treatment take?
What after-effects should I expect - is there any downtime?
What restrictions are there after Infini treatment?
Does it hurt?
How many treatments will I need?
How long is recovery?
How frequent are the treatment sessions?
When will I see the results?
How long do results last?
Can this treatment help acne scarring?
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INFINI 3D Volumisation - a major advance in skin treatment using Micro-needling Fractional Radiofrequency (MFR) and Superficial Fractional Radiofrequency (SFR).