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Lip Enhancement Fillers

For Fuller-Looking Lips

Lip enhancement is a very popular use of dermal fillers, which appeals to both women and men as young as their 20’s.

At a younger age fillers can be used to enhance the existing volume or shape of the lip; as we get older they are used more to restore volume that has been lost, lift the mouth corners or soften lines around the mouth.

The subtle addition of volume to the lip area using fillers adds fullness to the lips which has a number of benefits:

  • extra fullness in the lips for an attractive smile
  • creation of a subtle and attractive smile (not a “trout pout”!)
  • the addition of volume smoothes out fine lines e.g. “smoker’s lines”
  • a pretty and more defined mouth shape – fillers can sculpt and create a particular look
  • where the top or bottom lip was thinner, fillers can be used to provide balance

Until now, the “gold standard” filler for lips has been Juvederm 3. However, the popularity of lip fillers has led to the development of specialist lip filler products and we are now able to offer an alternative more advanced specialist lip product which has a number of specific advantages for lip enhancement treatment.


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Lip enhancement is a very popular use of dermal fillers. Read about lip filler treatment and FAQ.