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Non-Surgical Face Lift

Liquid Face Lift

With Advanced Dermal Fillers

The non-surgical face lift has changed the way doctors and patients think about anti-ageing procedures.

Non-invasive face lifts are carried out without any surgical intervention at all, primarily using dermal fillers. However, this is not simply a case of adding volume to troubleshoot signs of ageing (such as creases, hollows, lines or wrinkles).

The non-surgical face lift is a procedure which takes the whole face into account, seeking a more comprehensive refresh which not only smooths out wrinkly skin by restoring lost volume, but also lifts the whole structure of the face.

This ‘lifting’ effect is the key difference compared to dermal filler rejuvenation procedures and a full non-surgical face lift. It involves quite considerable skill and expertise on behalf of the Aesthetic Doctor and requires detailed knowledge of facial anatomy and tissue structure. Adding dermal fillers at a selection of specific points provides greater support for the facial tissues, subtly yet effectively lifting them into a higher position. This lift in turn has the effect of smoothing out the skin, as well as redefining features such as the cheeks and even the difficult jawline area. It can create a slimming effect as well as a younger look, yet the result is natural and fresh.

With the non-surgical face lift, there is no risk of the ‘wind tunnel’ effect that can arise with a surgical procedure. No skin is removed and therefore there is no risk of removing too much.

It is a sophisticated yet safe way to handle the ageing process and effective from the ages of around 30 to well over 60. The key is to adjust the procedure to suit the individual, taking full account of their age, their face shape, the condition of their skin and muscle tone as well as the dispersion of fat within the skin.

The results of the procedure are temporary, but the procedure can be repeated in a couple of years, or refreshed slightly earlier if required. Each time the treatment programme is reviewed and reconsidered to ensure the best and most appropriate results for the patient.

Video – Testimonial

‘Why You Don’t Need Harley Street to Have a Youthful Face And a Slim Body’

In this video, a Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre patient explains her experience of facial rejuvenation using Juvederm dermal fillers.

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Non-invasive face lifts have no surgical intervention and are done primarily using dermal fillers. Lift the structure of the face for a younger, fresher look.