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Skin Laxity

As we go through life, and particularly as a result of sun exposure, there is a natural breakdown of collagen and elastic fibres in the skin. 

This lack of natural elasticity and loss of tissue volume under the skin means that the skin is less well supported and loses its firmness.

Both of these processes lead to sagging, which in the face causes a tired appearance and emphasises the jowl area, the neck, eyelids and eye bags in particular. This can be exacerbated with weight loss, if an amount of fat has also been lost.

Other areas of the body are affected by the same process and can also benefit from treatment.

Treatments we offer can help by promoting skin tightening or by enhancing volume in order to lift the features of the face. This is a non-surgical approach and therefore safer for the patient with faster recovery and less cost commitment.

Skin tightening works to stimulate contraction of fibrous bands in the skin, as well as directly stimulate the production of new collagen. It can be combined with other treatments like dermal filler injections for best results or to tackle specific areas of concern.

Treatments to Consider:

Interesting fact:

Research has shown that volume loss from the cheek area can occur rapidly after periods of stress (for example bereavement, divorce, redundancy or illness).