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Hands, Neck & Chest

hand rejuvenationWhen we think of the visible signs of ageing, we tend to think first of wrinkles and creases that appear on the face.

Yet skin in the hands, neck and chest areas gets a lot of sun exposure too and that makes them just as prone to problems. Indeed, the skin on the hands, neck and chest tends to be quite thin, so when we lose weight, expose our skin to the elements or simply get a little older, these areas can be quick to show the signs.

The appearance of hands, neck or decolletage can especially be a “giveaway” if you have facial treatments and ignore these other areas. Madonna was famously in the press for appearing with youthful and smooth skin, while her hands look much older – she has even been pictured wearing gloves to hide the fact.

Treatments using laser, the latest injections or skin improvement techniques such as micro-needling can target crepey skin, discolouration (redness or brown patches) and problems of volume loss. An improvement in the condition of the skin here can have long-lasting results.

Treatments to consider: