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Unwanted Hair

Excessive hair growth can be merely inconvenient, but can also cause a great deal of psychological distress.

The problem of dealing with hair growth on the face or the body can be an issue for women, or for men.

Unwanted hair tends to be considered very much a cosmetic issue relating to females shaving, waxing or considering permanent hair removal to deal with hair that albeit natural, is culturally unacceptable i.e. the underarms, legs or bikini area.

In western society, it is perfectly normal to minimise the appearance of hair in these areas. Options for hair removal include:

Popular Hair Removal Options:

Hair Removal Frequency Comments
Shaving Often daily Temporary effect. Can also cause skin irritation, razor burn
Waxing Results last a few weeks Temporary, though hair eventually can grow back thinner. Can cause ingrowing hairs
Electrolysis Every few weeks over a course Treating one hair at a time can be laborious, best suited to small areas
Laser hair removal Every few weeks over a course Results are permanent


However, for some women and men, there may be an underlying medical cause which creates an ‘abnormal’ level of hair, for example:

  • PCOS (polycystic ovaries) can cause excessive hair growth on the face or body in women
  • Some men suffer excessive hair growth – this can especially be a problem on the back, shoulders or torso

In these cases, permanent hair reduction with laser hair removal can be a very appealing alternative to hiding the problem or frequent shaving.

As long as hairs are dark (black or brown) in colour they can be treated effectively by our laser, which is safe for all skin types.

Treatments to Consider:

Interesting fact:

If you add up the costs of shaving areas of unwanted hair over a number of years Laser Hair Removal can be very cost-effective – that’s before accounting for the time saved.