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Laser Skin Treatments

If you are concerned about thread veins or redness on your face, pigmentation problems or unwanted dark hair then our laser was designed specifically to deal with these problems effectively and with minimal upset to your skin.

So many of our patients tell us that they had been thinking about having their facial veins treated and would have done so years before if only they’d realised how straightforward the treatment is. By specifically targeting the veins any downtime is usually limited to some redness for a few hours afterwards.

Laser uses a specific wavelength of light energy that is absorbed by the area of tissue we wish to treat.

Sometimes people are initially wary of laser treatment (there are some connotations with James Bond!) but are then pleasantly surprised by how straightforward it is.

In our mind laser is the best form of treatment for

  • facial thread veins (also known as spider veins, broken veins or capillaries)
  • permanent hair reduction

It can also be the treatment of choice for pigmentation.

By using 2 laser wavelengths – 532nm (KTP) and 1064nm (Nd:YAG) – we have the flexibility to offer a range of effective treatments. Most treatments are painless, but in certain cases which are known to be more sensitive, we recommend a local anaesthetic cream beforehand. After treatment there is usually some redness that last for just a few hours.

Our laser treats the following: Facial Veins, Rosacea, Acne, Pigmentation, Hair Removal (brown or dark hair only), Pseudo-Folliculitis Barbae (shaving rash).

A programme of Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation combines laser treatments for reducing background redness and discolouration of the skin for clearing of the complexion and tightening of the skin.

Laser “Before & After” Results

veins afterveins beforeafter laser skin treatmentbefore laser skin treatment

Laser Skin Treatment Reviews

I can now enjoy a glass of wine without flushing.J.W. Market Harborough
I can’t believe the difference it has made..T.E. Brixworth
“With reference to my recent laser treatment for a blood blister on my lip, I am pleased to say that it has since disappeared.  I would like to thank you for this successful result and would not hesitate to contact you again for the services your company provides.J.C. Northampton

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Laser Skin Treatment FAQs

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Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre
Our laser treats Facial veins, Rosacea, Acne, Pigmentation, Leg Veins, Hair Removal, shaving rash. Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation clears and tightens the skin.