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Thermage Radiofrequency

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre no longer offer radiofrequency treatment as other technologies now offer superior results – which are more consistent, effective and less painful. The information on radiofrequency is therefore provided as historical reference and record.

Please see Tixel thermal fractional rejuvenation treatment for information about our recommended alternative treatment.

Thermage employs the technology of radiofrequency to produce a tightening and smoothing effect.

Thermage is an award-winning treatment to tighten, contour and rejuvenate skin using radiofrequency.

It was the first system of its kind, and has undergone a series of improvements since it was first developed, including CPT or Comfort Pulse Technology, which is more comfortable AND more effective.

The treatment employs patented technology to deliver heat via a specialised tip to the deeper tissues while cooling the skin surface. The treatment is easily tolerated and is ideal for anyone with some skin laxity who wishes to delay the need for surgery or avoid it altogether.

Advantages of Thermage Radiofrequency

  • safe and easily tolerated treatment
  • non-invasive – no needles or surgery
  • gives natural results
  • suitable for all skin-types
  • treatments for face or body
  • rejuvenation and skin tightening
  • good alternative to laser treatment
  • comfortable AND effective

Thermage FAQ

What is Thermage?

How does it work?

How many treatments will I need?

Will I be able to go straight back to work afterwards?

Does it hurt?

When will I see the results?

Is it safe during pregnancy/breastfeeding?

Are there any other conditions which would prevent me from having Thermage treatment?

Who carries out Thermage treatment?

What training is required to carry out Thermage treatment?

Do I need to use sunblock?

What is the difference between Thermage and laser?

What safety approvals are there?

Can Thermage be combined with other treatments?

Thermage Patient Story

I had Thermage CPT done on my stomach just under 4 weeks ago. Since having children and just general ageing, my stomach had lost elasticity and tone and had minor skin sagging. I had read quite a lot about this procedure really hurting and it did worry me beforehand.

I’m now very glad that I tried it for myself, because it was not painful at all and at times was pretty relaxing. Indeed, on a scale of 1-10 (1=no pain and 10=very painful) most of the procedure measured around a 2, with the odd second going to about 4.5. The procedure took just over an hour and I went back to work immediately afterwards.

When the procedure was finished my stomach did feel flatter, but I was told I would not start to see real results for 4-6 months. So I’m watching this space!

Afterwards, my stomach felt warm for about an hour, but after that there were no side effects at all.

Overall, I think that Thermage is a great and painless non-invasive procedure. My stomach does feel flatter already and I definitely want my face done. For me the only downside is the cost in the UK.S.G. Northampton, Post on Realself.com

Thermage Reviews

“My skin feels so much fresher and firmer, and I have had lots of compliments on how I’m looking.”

“I’ve had a lovely effect, especially along the jawline”

“I saw some immediate improvement and its been continuing since my treatment 2 months ago.”

“Because it happens so gradually I hadn’t appreciated the improvement until I’d seen the photos. If I get any more improvement I’ll be ecstatic!”

“When I look at photographs of myself now I can see my face is better formed.”

“If this improvement continues I’ll be ecstatic!”

A.H. Northampton

“Its really improved my skin and made me look refreshed”

S.M. Northampton

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Thermage employs the technology of radiofrequency to produce a tightening and smoothing effect. Face and body treatments at top Northamptonshire skin clinic.