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‘Treatment of the Year’ Finalists

Aesthetics Awards 2016

aesthetics-awardsThe 8 finalists of the Aesthetics Awards ‘Treatment of the Year’ have been announced and 2 of the cutting edge treatments are available already at Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre, based in Hardingstone, near Northampton. 

The ‘Treatment of the Year’ award for the best treatment offered in medical aesthetic clinics in the UK. Criteria include the ability to treat a wide range of indications, demonstration of safety as well as efficacy in delivering results. Finalists are expected to demonstrate that their treatments have ‘tangible benefits over similar treatments on the market’.

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre

Always keen to offer the latest and best treatments, Mulberry House Clinic already offer 2 of the treatments that have made it to the final:

  • Plexr® Soft Surgery – a revolutionary new treatment which can rejuvenate the skin by using plasma energy
  • Dermalux LED – a light based treatment which can work on a wide variety of skin conditions from ageing to eczema


plexrPlexr soft surgery has been selected for the Treatment of the Year award as their Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty (eye lift) has given patients and doctors a new option for treating the delicate eye area without surgery.

This means not only a lower cost, but also a much safer option with lower risk of complications and much shorter downtime.

As stated on the Aesthetics Awards website finalists page:

“Using PLEXR, a plasma generator device for skin sublimation (which is the phase transition of a substance directly from solid to gas¹), it is possible to perform a new kind of Blepharoplasty without cutting, anaesthesia, surgical room, stitches or after treatment scaring and with minimum downtime and simple post-treatment procedure.”

“This treatment has eliminated almost every risk inherent to the traditional procedure, such as normal risks associated with surgeries in general, irritated eyes, difficulty closing your eyes, noticeable scar, injury to eyes muscles, temporary blurred vision and, rarely, loss of eyesight.”

Dermalux LED

Dermalux LED phototherapy offers an effective, versatile and safe non-invasive treatment.

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre introduced the system in 2013 and use it on a wide range of applications including skin rejuvenation (lines and wrinkles), restoring radiance/complexion, sun or wind damage, acne, pigmentation, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and even wound healing/scarring.

As stated on the Aesthetics Awards website finalists page:

“LED Phototherapy has long been recognised for its regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties and does not transfer heat, create trauma or use chemicals to promote change in the skin. With one of the highest safety treatment profiles,

“Dermalux is beneficial for all skin types, all skin conditions and all ages, all year round.”

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre

Established 2003

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre has an excellent reputation in the Northampton area as an independent, doctor-led practice with over 10 years experience.

The company is renowned for its investment in the latest skin technology and offers treatments such as PRP (platelet rich plasma therapy), radiofrequency, laser and PDO thread lifts.

Dr John Tanqueray is a former GP who can assess and diagnose skin conditions from a medical perspective before suggesting the most appropriate treatments.

A private consultation is suggested in the first instance in order to facilitate a full discussion about the desired results as well as detailed facial and skin assessment. Find out more about first consultation.

For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please complete our contact form, call 01604 702630 or email: info@mulberryhouseclinic.co.uk.

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'Treatment of the Year' Finalists
2 of the 'Treatment of the Year' finalists - Plexr (plasma) and Dermalux (LED) - are already available at Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre, nr Northampton.
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Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre