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Guide to Choosing a Cosmetic Treatment Provider

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Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre has issued a brand new free guide, which can be downloaded on the website, entitled

How to achieve value for money and natural results from a non-surgical treatment provider

Created by the clinic’s founder, Dr John Tanqueray, the guide provides useful advice to help patients choose the right clinic and practitioner for their non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Dr Tanqueray explains:

Finding the right practitioner to deliver the best results for you while keeping the costs as reasonable as possible can be difficult and confusing.

Having met too many people who have had a poor experience I have  developed this guide to help you make the right decision first time – please feel free to print it off and use it to compile a checklist of questions you would like to ask, and make notes to guide your decision.

The guide is short and simple, designed to help clients make an informed choice in a confusing market place. That means choosing the right practitioner, paying the right price and achieving natural-looking and flattering results.

The guide includes “15 Useful Questions” that a client can use in comparing potential providers, such as ‘How long has the practitioner been carrying out these procedures’, ‘Can I see before and after photos’ or ‘Are side-effects clearly explained’. The guide suggests the type of answers to look for and things to consider against each of the 15 points.

There is also a table which clients can use to jot down their findings and compare suppliers before making the final decision.

Download the guide for free: Guide to Choosing a Cosmetic Treatment Provider

Private Consultation

Research is vital in making the right choice for treatment and practitioner. Some of this can be done on the phone or internet, but another very important factor is a face to face consultation with the person who would be carrying out treatment.

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre in Northamptonshire based company offer a comprehensive initial consultation in order to assess each patient’s needs as well as any relevant medical background and previous treatments, before recommending the most appropriate plan. There is no pressure to proceed until both patient and doctor are completely happy with the treatment programme agreed.

All consultations are carried personally out by Dr John Tanqueray himself. The clinic then offers a host of treatments from popular cosmetic injections (botox and fillers) to a host of advanced skin treatments offering sophisticated results, such as the latest FTC PDO Threadlifting or INFINI Radio-Frequency.

Dr Tanqueray has carried out cosmetic injections since 1999 and is renowned for a natural looking result which is never overdone.

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