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Sculptra FAQs

Your Sculptra Questions Answered

What is Sculptra?

The product is a suspension of a substance called polylactic acid. This is injected and acts as a stimulant to your collagen-producing cells. The product itself is gradually broken down and cleared as lactic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body.

Is Sculptra used like any other filler?

As well as smoothing lines and wrinkles it adds volume to the face – loss of volume and skin thickness is one of the key processes that contribute to the appearance of ageing. This makes Sculptra a very flexible treatment that can be used for any age group.

Are the effects immediate?

There is an initial effect from the suspension itself that lasts for a few days, but as the water dissipates this effect is lost. The main effects begin after the first few weeks, and then increase over the next few months with further treatments.

How long will the effects last?

Effects will usually last two years or more, and top-up treatments can be given when needed.

What about discomfort or bruising?

Sculptra is making a comeback thanks to a new gentle treatment technique. Previously, some patients did not like the discomfort and bruising, but a new minimally-invasive technique is in use at Mulberry House Clinic, which allows a complete and even treatment for beautiful results.

I’m worried about the possibility of lumps developing after treatment.

The development of lumps under the skin was reported in some cases. However there is a very small risk of this. The combination of appropriate dilution of the product, correct treatment technique, and massaging the area as instructed makes this very unlikely. We have carried out a large number of Sculptra treatments at Mulberry House Clinic and our experience has been very reassuring.