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Olympic Swimmer’s Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal menAs the weather becomes warmer and Brits bare their flesh, many start to consider the benefits of laser hair removal, but the benefits are not just cosmetic. 

Now swimmer Ryan Lochte, 11-times Olympic gold medallist and 14-time World Swimming Champion, has spoken out about how he chose laser hair removal for hair-free skin to reduce any potentially slowing drag through the water caused by body hair.

At Olympic level, every tiny improvement to times counts and Ryan says that after treatment, when he gets in the water, he feels like ‘a rocket going off’ and can also make his training more focused, as he explains:

“I can spend the time I used to spend shaving training in the pool.”

“With everything else I have to think about, it’s nice to know shaving is not on that list.”

Laser hair removal is a procedure which works to reduce the growth of hair permanently by using concentrated light beams to damage the hair follicle so that the hair cannot regrow.

It is a procedure chosen by many sportsmen and sportswomen to ensure that their skin is kept smooth and hair-free.

While women have sought methods of hair removal for aesthetic reasons for many years, athlete hair removal for men is now also a common phenomenon especially amongst male swimmers, gymnasts, cyclists and bodybuilders.

The benefits of laser hair removal in sports include:

  • making sure sports clothing fits better
  • enhanced aerodynamics
  • easier to treat cyclists’ abrasions
  • easier to massage
  • accentuating body shape/muscle mass (for body builders)
  • prevent chafing/rubbing in contact sport

While shaving and waxing are options, laser hair removal stands out as the most convenient long term solution, offering permanent hair reduction and also prevention of ingrown hairs.

Laser Hair Removal, Northampton

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre offer laser hair removal using advanced technology in their Northamptonshire clinic with options for treatment for the face or body for male or female patients.

For further information about laser hair removal, patients can book an appointment with nurse Liz Tanqueray SRN, who carries out the treatment. This is the ideal opportunity to have an assessment and discuss treatment in more detail.

Laser Hair Removal Prices

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre was established in 2003 and offers an impressive array of the latest skin treatment technology as well as popular anti-ageing injections and laser hair removal.

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Olympic Swimmer's Laser Hair Removal
Olympic and world champion swimmer Ryan Lochte had laser hair removal. Many male athletes, gymnasts, cyclists etc choose the procedure for hair-free skin.
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Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre