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5 Tips for Rosacea

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Rosacea is an inflammatory disease of the skin that is often characterised by redness with thickening of the skin, pustules and thread veins. It can cause significant embarrassment for the patient and is notoriously difficult to treat using conventional medication.

ZO Skin Health have recently issued some very useful tips for patients with rosacea.

  1. Avoid aggressive scrubs and cleansers

    It can be tempting to try to scrub away the bacteria like with acne, but rosacea is a vascular condition and harsh treatment can cause your blood vessels to inflame further. Keep the skin clean, but use gentle non-irritating products

  2. Avoid alcohol

    Alcohol can trigger a flare up and red wine is said to be the worst.

  3. Avoid spicy Foods.

    Foods such as curry or chilli are known to trigger rosacea symptoms.

  4. Stay hydrated

    Drinking water helps your skin stay hydrated and healthy – well-hydrated skin always looks better.

  5. Makeup

    Limit use of makeup so that your skin can breathe more easily and always remove makeup in the evening.

Rosacea Treatments

While traditional medicine can be limited, the latest cosmeceutical skincare products offer a number of options which can help to improve rosacea. In addition, advanced treatments such as Laser or LED Therapy can be very helpful.

A consultation with an experienced skin specialist is the best place to start.


Aesthetic Treatments Doctor Dr John Tanqueray explains more about rosacea:

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