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All About Rosacea – New Explanatory Video

Rosacea is a skin condition which affects around 1 in 10 people.

It is caused by overactivity in the sebaceous glands, causing oiliness in the skin, irritation and inflammation.

Rosacea Video

Dr John Tanqueray explains more about rosacea in our latest video.

He says it is more common in those with fair skin and females and tends to occur between 30-50.

“Symptoms include redness, irritation, stinging or sensitive skin. There are often triggers which make the flushing come up such as alcohol, caffeine, spicy food, stress or anxiety.”

“Without treatment, sebaceous gland activity continues to increase and the problem can worsen. As well as redness and flushing on the chin, cheeks and nose; acne like inflammatory spots can also occur.”

YouTube Channel

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Rosacea Treatments

Dr Tanqueray says:

Rosacea is a difficult problem to treat with conventional medications, and usually when someone comes to see us they have already tried a variety of treatments to no avail.

Our Gemini laser offers good results with lessening of redness and flushing and improvement in red veins that occurs over a series of treatments.

Treatments to consider:

Before and After LED Rosacea Treatment

LED before and after rosacea

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