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Skin Treatment Reviews and Feedback


We are pleased to share the third set of skin treatment feedback comments from our 2015 Patient Survey Results Report, as provided by patients at Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre.

The survey enabled patients to give honest feedback on their experience which we are sharing directly so that others can read first hand what to expect with treatment at our clinic.

  1. I wanted my face to look ‘fresh’ and not too puffed up. I was very pleased with the results and friends thought I looked refreshed and glowing!
  2. very pleased with the outcome
  3. Had fillers but less than I thought but I understand why as it was more subtle
  4. Very good and pleased with it, easy and completely painless
  5. Dr Tanqueray has always taken time to explain procedures fully and offer good advice. Procedures carried out professionally. Brilliant results. Beautiful location facilities comfortable welcoming. Up to date info latest procedures
  6. Very pleased with my filler
  7. The effects were as expected
  8. Brilliant service.excellent results
  9. Fabulous nature and very calming and knowledgable
  10. 8 point facelift.
  11. Waiting for results of 3rd treatment
  12. Had fillers to cheek areas and was thrilled with the results
  13. Immediate results
  14. Botox to my jaw has been fantastic; no problems what so ever & brilliant, noticeable results!
  15. Restylane had great results on bridge of nose but filler in jowls must of hit blood vessel so had a dark blue ‘birthmark’ for two weeks, was all good when it disappeared though.
  16. I was very pleased with the explanation of my treatment, and the patient’s health is taken into account at all times, I have Sarcoidosis and the treatment I required was fillers and it was explained to me that this treatment could result in my sarcoidosis being reactivated (I am currently in remission). I had instead laser treatment on my cheeks and I am so pleased with the result, the first time in years I can go without make up.
  17. Have had spider veins removed at other establishments and it never completely worked and they would always reappear. Although a few veins have reappeared they are by far the best they have been after going to Mulberry House.
  18. Apart from a little more bruising – which as I am on warfarin is not unexpected treatment worked as I was told it would
  19. Had dermal filler, worked very well in disguising effects from Bell’s palsy.
  20. I was hopeful that the colour of my scar would lessen a little more. There was progression and it was explained that results can vary.
  21. I always get a little jittery if I try something new and I feel that I am given as much time and reassurance that I need before my procedure starts.
  22. I like the natural way i look after treatment

Enquiries & Consultations

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