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Acne Pigment Spots

Areas of darker pigmentation can follow after an outbreak of acne inflammatory spots. This problem occurs because melanin (pigment) is naturally produced in the skin as a natural result of skin injury.

This is more common in darker skin types and can also be adversely affected by hormones.  The pigmentation can last for years after the acne itself has disappeared.

Preventing the pigment spots from appearing in the first place is the best option where possible. This means treating active acne, to improve the condition, thereby limiting the potential for longer-term damage. Read about acne treatments.

However, if the pigmentation issue is remaining even after the acne has gone, there are now effective non-surgical treatments available which can help to reduce the discoloration. Where appropriate, treatment will encompass measures to reduce any ongoing acne activity, as well as to reduce and prevent the pigmentation.

Treatments to consider:

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Areas of pigmentation can follow after inflammatory spots caused by acne. There are treatments available which reduce and prevent the pigmentation.