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Juvederm Facial Fillers in the Times

Cosmetic Procedures Supplement

juvederm fillersThe Times featured an article on facial fillers with a case study from a Juvederm patient at Mulberry House Clinic in their recent supplement on Cosmetic Procedures.

The guide to the increasingly popular treatment described how stress and ageing can take its toll on the skin and how many women are finding that facial fillers can give their faces a subtle, natural-looking lift and can become a new part of their skincare regime.

The Times’ feature focused on the prime importance of the consultation, which was described as the “Most Important First Step”, saying:

“The key thing when considering facial filler treatment is to find an excellent aesthetic practitioner who you can trust. There is a huge variety of extremely talented practitioners out there, but finding one who’s right for you – and is experienced and qualified – is very important.”

This is advice which is also endorsed in Mulberry House Clinic’s website and in their downloadable guide to choosing a cosmetic treatment provider.

Mulberry House Clinic Patient

The story of Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre patient Helle was featured. Helle describes herself as ‘Mulberry House’s number 1 loyal supporter and promoter’ and was delighted to be asked to appear in a nationwide marketing, advertising and PR campaign for Juvederm fillers after her treatment with Dr John Tanqueray.

Helle’s experience describes a person who was looking for a soft, natural and flattering rejuvenation:

“I am a fitness fanatic and while exercise is great for my body, it was having a negative impact on my face, causing it to lose volume and sag slightly. Facial fillers softly lift and add subtle volume to my cheeks and give me natural-looking results so now I’m happy with how my face and body look. I travel a lot for work and find that having facial filler treatment helps me look fresh despite all the flying, which is great.

“The best advice I can give to anyone considering treatment is to find a fantastic practitioner and go to the consultation armed with questions. There is no such thing as a silly question. I had loads and, looking back, the consultation was the most important part of the process because it helped me see my face as a whole and get a better understanding of fillers. I would definitely recommend thinking through what you want to ask and taking a list of questions with you.”

Dr John Tanqueray commented on Helle’s participation in the campaign, saying:

“The idea of “ageing well” and looking natural rather than trying to look inappropriately young is one that we have embraced for some time”

Read more about our patient’s involvement in the campaign in our story “Mulberry House Clinic Patient Selected for National Campaign“.


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