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The ‘Notox’ Trend in Facial Rejuvenation

facial treatments homeThe Notox trend challenges traditional concepts of non-surgical skin treatments.

Wrinkle-relaxing injections have for many years been the world’s most popular anti-ageing treatment. They offer safe and reliable results, smoothing out lines and wrinkles quickly and effectively in a very short non-invasive treatment.

Over-Botoxed Celebrities

However, high profile cases of certain celebrities who might have overindulged in skin rejuvenation treatments has made the concept of frozen-faces very unappealing. Over-botoxed faces can lack in expression, while use of too many fillers can create quite a different face shape; and the media love to expose those whose treatments have gone a step too far.

The Notox Trend

Dubbed the ‘Notox’ trend, more people are challenging the traditional use of the product.

However, this isn’t necessarily about not having botox at all – it is still massively popular worldwide – but more about not looking like you’ve had it.

Some practitioners call it ‘baby botox’, subtle use of the product for a soft and natural finish.

However, other companies have pioneered the natural-look and principles for many years. One such company is Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre, based in Northamptonshire. Their Report on Cosmetic Treatments contains key advice such as:

A well trained practitioner will…

take a less is more approach and be conservative in the amount of treatment used

An unenlightened practitioner is more likely to…

create a dramatic difference (probably to your face AND your bank balance!

Report on Cosmetic Treatments

Read more advice from Dr John Tanqueray about choosing the right treatment and practitioner in his own Report on Cosmetic Treatments.

Notox Alternatives

In addition, there is also a growing awareness that botox is not the only effective anti-ageing treatment. Options such as laser or radiofrequency can also be very helpful in skin rejuvenation, while simple exfoliation with regular microdermabrasion and peels should not be underestimated, keeping skin youthful and glowing and also stimulating skin cell renewal too.

Free Consultation

For further information and free advice, Mulberry House Clinic offer a private consultation with their doctor. There is no pressure to have a treatment, so for a professional opinion, why not contact the team.

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