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Patient Blog: Forever Young…

Our guest blogger and regular patient, Helle, explains her views on looking young.

Helle has provided a number of blogs for us, providing a real insight into the world of non-surgical treatments for new and prospective patients.

In her latest article, she explains why she is returning to have the 8 point facelift repeated – and why she enjoys the compliments even though no one can tell what she’s had done.

Forever Young…

8 point face lift

Dear reader,

I wrote back in 2016 about trying the 8-point lift by Dr Tanqueray of Mulberry House.

Do I still keep having it done a year later? The answer is just as in the famous talent show programme: it is a definite YES from me!:-)

Let’s face it – we all age. I think that the best way to keep the best version of you is to start supporting your facial structure in your 30’s when the first true signs of ageing show. It is much harder to let your contours fade and then try to fix it later. ‘Later’ will probably mean more expensive, more drastic action and not so natural results.

The 8-point lift has many other benefits. It is not invasive like a full face-lift operation, so the recovery time is pretty much non-existent. It offers natural results and you can return straight to work. The hyaluronic acid in the filler is also a component that we all have in our bodies, so it doesn’t contain any unwanted chemicals.

‘Natural’…that is the word that comes up all the time. Now then…you may ask that what if the result is “so natural” that nobody could tell anyway? What is the point then?

Well…let me bring you an example. It is just like going to the hairdressers and having a trim and a blow-dry. When you walk out of the salon, it is still you, same hair, same colour but a better version! More bouncy, fresher and no doubt you will receive compliments regarding ‘how nice you look’. It is just like that with the 8-point lift. You look better and fresher so that people notice but cannot pinpoint exactly why; that is what I mean by a natural result.

Coming back to the hairdressing example, unless you are a hairdresser a home blow-dry never looks as good as the salon one. Same with creams and potions that we use at home – it will never give you the same result as the 8-point lift. And the really good news is that if your salon blow-dry fades the next morning then the 8-point lift results will last for at least a year! What’s not to like?

I have been stopped by beauty consultants in department stores who have admired my ‘amazing contouring skills’ that apparently ‘give me model like high cheekbones’. It always makes me giggle as I haven’t done any cheek contouring at all! So you see, it is noticeable in a positive way but nobody has ever guessed it is down to cleverly injected fillers. I know the cleverest ‘makeup artist’ in town, Dr Tanqueray. I have got his number if you are interested…


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