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8 Point Non-Surgical Facelift Patient Story

A Personal Account of Anti-Ageing Skin Treatment

One of our patients has kindly shared her 8-point face lift story. 

The 8-point face lift is an advanced non-invasive treatment which uses the latest long-lasting dermal fillers with a series of 8 injection points in order to lift the facial tissues for a more youthful profile.

“8 point lift – buy one…get 8 free!”

For a few years now, I have been seeing Dr John Tanqueray in Mulberry House Clinic in Northampton for Juvederm fillers for different areas of my face.

I have always been very pleased with Dr Tanqueray’s expertise and excellent results with dermal fillers, so I was very interested in trying the 8-point face lift he now offers. To have different areas of your face treated in one single go – what is there to lose?

The 8-point lift procedure lasts approximately 40 minutes and treats 8 suggested parts of the face. It is a bespoke treatment, so it depends on your individual features and/or which features you wish to refresh most. Dr Tanqueray stands for natural results, so I never have to worry about looking too overdone or having a swollen “pillow-face”.

The main points covered are cheek structure, tear troughs, nasal-labial folds, jaw area and downward smile, so it basically treats all the main problematic areas of the face which make us look tired, worn-out, saggy and old.

The results were instant but it took approximately a month for the full effect as volume will continue to develop. Age obviously is an important factor as the younger you are, the longer the lift lasts. I have been advised the effects last for 12-18 months.

The main benefit is that minimal amounts of dermal filler are used to achieve maximum natural lifting effects. The initial treatment cost may be high, but if regularly kept topped up, you don’t always need more than 1 syringe per top up. It is definitely more cost effective than having all these different areas of the face treated individually. And no expensive cream will ever get you the same outcome; I have tried them all!

I looked at some photographs of myself in my mid 20s and I have to admit that I look much better now, 10 years later. Nobody has ever guessed that I have had any dermal fillers done, which is a good advertisement of how natural the effects are if it is done under a very skilled and experienced practitioner – just like Dr Tanqueray.

I am so happy with the 8-point face lift results that I will most definitely keep going back to Mulberry House. Many of my friends and business contacts here and abroad have shown interest and consider having it done themselves.Helle

8-Point Face Lift

The 8-point facelift is a comprehensive, non-invasive rejuvenation programme based on a concept of restoring volume and structure in the face to give the skin the support it needs through a combination of 8 precise injection points.

The series of injection points are shown in this diagram

non-surgical facelift 8 points

More Information on the 8-Point Face Lift

Featured in The Times

Helle has been a regular patient at Mulberry House Clinic for a number of years and last year was chosen to participate in a campaign for Juvederm dermal fillers by manufacturer Allergan. 

She appeared in The Times, explaining how the fillers had helped her to deal with her ‘gym face’ which left her face looking slightly saggy and depleted as a consequence of regular exercise.

Juvederm Facial Fillers in the Times

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8 Point Non-Surgical Facelift Patient Story
A personal account of 8 point non-surgical face lift with Juvederm dermal fillers. Advanced non-invasive treatment to create a more youthful profile.
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