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The Impact of Overdone Celebrity Cosmetic Treatments

Our guest blogger, Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre patient Helle, explains her views on celebrity cosmetic treatments.

Helle has provided a number of blogs for us, providing a real insight into the world of non-surgical treatments for new and prospective patients.

In her latest blog, she shares her views on how celebrity treatments can misrepresent the industry.

“The curse of celebrity facial treatments”

8 point face lift

Overdone celebrity facial treatments are the ultimate curse, with negative and twisted publicity for any experienced and good aesthetic practitioner and for the whole beauty industry.

In fact, the effect of these bad treatments, followed by public condemnation, has been so bad, that the majority of aesthetic beauty clients who have had BOTOX or fillers are afraid to admit it!

I know women who look amazing but are ashamed to admit, even to their own families, that they have had these treatments, as if it is something to be embarrassed about.

We don’t feel embarrassed to show off a fabulous new haircut, getting rid of excess weight or having a toned body. Why should we feel embarrassed or ashamed about fewer wrinkles, plumper skin and vanished “worry lines”?

I want to take this opportunity to demonstrate the very opposite of overdone celebrity treatments and change people’s opinions. People who have found out about my treatments have all been very positively surprised by how amazing well done treatments can look;  I haven’t slowly turned into “chubby cheek”, “trout pout” or “frozen face”.

Yes, I still look like me – just a better and fresher version.

I cannot give enough praise for aesthetic practitioners like Dr Tanqueray who once told me that he would refuse to do anything excessive, even if a client insisted on it. He would not want this kind of reputation, which should make any client of Mulberry House reassured that their faces won’t be over worked.

Due to these natural looking results, he is sadly often the “unsung hero”. You would probably never realise that the stunning looking woman (or man) sitting next to you on a train or standing in supermarket queue is the result of a good practitioner.

Just like any medicine, injection or pill – there is nothing wrong or bad about aesthetic treatments, when administered skilfully – not too often and not too much.


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The Impact of Overdone Celebrity Cosmetic Treatments
Patient explains how cosmetic treatments dermal and fillers helped to keep being happy with the way she looked - maintaining youth and also improve migraines.
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