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Mirror, mirror on the wall…

…who’s the fairest of them all?

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre patient Helle explains how cosmetic treatments helped her to keep being happy with the way she looked – and also improve migraines.

8 point face lift resultsPerhaps it is time to stop comparing ourselves with others and start seeing how to keep liking our own reflection day after day.

The questions I get asked most when people find out about me having fillers and Botox® are:

  1. Wow, I didn’t guess, where did you have them done?
  2. Why did you have them done?

People have different reasons for cosmetic enhancements.

Some have very low self esteem and suffer from embarrassment – even to the extent that they stop going out.

I wasn’t like that. Being in my mid 30s, maybe I was still too young to feel this way. But I didn’t want to get to that stage either.  I always believe that “prevention is better than cure”. Just as it is better not to let yourself go by getting overweight or unfit, it is good to start supporting your facial features BEFORE they get saggy and wrinkly or without contours.

So that is why I decided to start, in my mid 30s, with fillers and Botox® to preserve the good facial features and structure I already had rather than letting it go slowly and needing perhaps a much more drastic and more expensive approach later!

Secondly, skilfully applied Botox® by Dr Tanqueray had another commonly known benefit: it seriously reduced my migraines. I cannot emphasise what a difference this has made to my everyday life!

Botox® is used by the NHS nowadays to treat very severe migraine cases but sadly not everyone qualifies for this treatment. It is good to know that the private option is available.

My “before” and “after” photos are not that dramatically different to what some patients can show. But I am 100% confident I will look so much better when I get to my 40s and 50s than if I hadn’t started in my 30s. People who don’t see me every day do comment that I don’t seem to age at all – how do I still look so young? I say jokingly that it is the porridge I had for breakfast sprinkled with Dr Tanqueray!

The treatments do make me feel good about myself and act as a confidence boost for sure. It is good that how I feel inside matches the outside – young and free to accomplish in life what I want.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall...
Patient explains how cosmetic treatments dermal and fillers helped to keep being happy with the way she looked - maintaining youth and also improve migraines.
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Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre