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8 Point Face Lift – How It Works

The 8-point lift was originally devised by Dr Mauricio De Maio, a plastic surgeon from Brazil and is highly respected as an advanced anti-ageing technique or ‘non-surgical face lift‘. 

The technique uses the latest Juvéderm Vycross longer lasting (non-permanent) dermal fillers at 8 specific points in order not only to replenish lost volume but also to achieve a highly flattering lift.

The 8 injection points are extremely important in this procedure, as they work together in harmony to create an effective and natural-looking result.

non-surgical facelift 8 points

What are the ‘8 Points’?

The 8-point face lift injection points are described as follows:

  1. Over lateral zygoma (upper/outer cheekbone)
    Juvederm Voluma here helps lift the area and restore a more youthful curve
  2. Over junction of maxilla and zygoma (cheekbone)
    This helps to support and lift the mid-face as well as improving hollows beneath the eyes
  3. Malar fat pad (within the cheek/mid face)
    This injection point helps to support the tear trough and can also contribute to the lifting of lower tissues such as nasolabial folds
  4. Canine fossa (nasolabial folds)
    This acts directly on nose to mouth lines for a younger look
  5. Point of support for oral commissure (marionette lines/mouth corners)
    Here the injection works to reduce downward smile lines, especially effective where the patient has a sad or angry look caused by lines/ageing
  6. Pre-jowl sulcus (hollow along jawline)
    Improved support and definition for the jawline and chin, especially effective where the chin appears recessive or ‘weak’
  7. Angle of the mandible (jawline)
    This injection lifts the face by subtly increasing the structural support for facial tissues
  8. Sub-zygomatic hollow (lower cheek hollows)
    Improving and lifting hollow cheeks to improve a gaunt look

It is the combined impact of this series of injections which makes the procedure so effective as a holistic rejuvenation and lift which looks entirely natural.

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Multi Point Face Lift

At Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre, Dr John Tanqueray has been providing the 8-point face lift for over 5 years.

Indeed, he has subsequently developed his own unique and sophisticated variant, the multi-point face lift, which incorporates treatment for all areas of the face, including the jawline, chin, lips, temples and brows. The Multi-point face lift is a bespoke procedure adapted to each individual client, using even more tiny adjustments to create a natural-looking anti-ageing result.

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8 Point Face Lift - How It Works
The 8 point facelift uses long lasting dermal fillers at 8 specific locations to achieve a highly flattering lift. We describe and explain the injection points.
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