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Daily Mail Reviews LED Light Therapy

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Therapy had a positive review in the Daily Mail for its gentle yet effective anti-ageing treatment. 

Celebrity Skin Treatment

dermalux logoLED skin therapy is said to be used by Hollywood names such as Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba, both of whom are renowned for their youthful, glowing and dewy complexions.

It offers a non-invasive alternative to the idea of injections and needles. As reviewer Christa d’Souza explains:

“LED therapy: it’s painless, non-invasive and supposedly yields fabulous results – if you have enough of it.”

LED therapy uses a combination of specific wavelengths of light energy to work in the skin’s deep layers to trigger cell renewal processes and collagen production for a rejuvenating effect. The article continues:

“Red light prompts the body to make collagen and elastin, the two key components that give us younger, plumper, richer looking skin; blue light annihilates the bacteria that cause acne; yellow light is for lines and wrinkles; near infra-red light, meanwhile, is effective for healing scars.”

Studies show that LED skin therapy can see cells duplicate 150% to 200% faster, while hydration can increase 600%.

LED Skin Therapy Review – Results

After a course of 6 treatments, the conclusion is very positive:

“Two weeks later I’ve had five more treatments and there is a visible difference. I know this because people have noticed.”

“Will I stop having Botox and rule out the future possibility of fillers? No.”

“It’s subtle – you won’t get the same effects as from a chemical peel, but my skin is noticeably less dull, less grey, less, well, middle-aged.”

“The pigmentation I’ve got on the sides of my face from too much sun seems to have quietened down, too.”

Read the full feature and see photos on the Daily Mail website

Other Uses for LED Skin Therapy

As the treatment works by stimulating skin cell recovery and renewal, LED skin treatment is very versatile and has a number of potential applications beyond anti-ageing. It can also be used to treat skin conditions including acne,  rosaceaeczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

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Daily Mail Reviews LED Light Therapy
LED (Light Emitting Diode) Therapy review in the Daily Mail - non-invasive anti-ageing skin treatment. Dermalux is available at Northamptonshire skin clinic.