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Clinical Evidence for Tixel Treatment

Thermal Fractional Facial Rejuvenation

tixelTixel is a new non-surgical skin treatment which uses heat to rejuvenate the skin rather than injections, lasers or other technology.

The adjustable device incorporates a titanium plate with a series of 81 tiny points over its 1cm2 surface area.  The brief contact delivers heat of up to 400ºC and breaks the skin’s surface. This process has similar effects and results to much more aggressive procedures, yet has been found safer with shorter recovery and downtime.

It involves no injections, no lasers and no chemicals; so appeals to patients looking for a more natural way to rejuvenate the skin.

Clinical Evidence

A number of papers have been published which support the claims of Tixel.

Skin Rejuvenation Results with Tixel

Study details:

  • ‘Fractional treatment of aging skin with Tixel, a clinical and histological evaluation.’
  • J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2016;18(1):31-7. Elman M, Fournier N, Barnéon G, Bernstein EF, Lask G.
  • Clinical evaluation of Tixel treatment on 26 people, who each received three facial treatments, 4-5 weeks part


  • Results showed that:
    • Complexion improvement in all patients
    • Average treatment pain 3.1/10
    • Average downtime 0-1 days
    • Average redness clearance 3.5 days
    • Patient satisfaction 75%
    • Wrinkle reduction in 75% of patients
    • No adverse incidences (bleeding, scarring, or postinflammatory hyperpigmentation)


  • The authors were satisfied that this proved the safety of Tixel for ablative and nonablative resurfacing

Delivery of Serums/Products to the Skin After Tixel

Study details:

  • ‘A novel thermo-mechanical system enhanced transdermal delivery of hydrophilic active agents by fractional ablation’
  • Int J Pharm. 2016 Sep 25;511(2):821-30. Sintov AC, Hofmann MA
  • Tested permeability of 3 water-soluble molecules, including vitamin C


  • Tixel was applied to the skin for 8-9 milliseconds at a depth of 400μm.
  • Results showed that the micro-channels remained open for at least 6 hours


  • Skin permeability was significantly enhanced by pretreating with Tixel

Tixel Treatment Northamptonshire

Tixel treatment is available at Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre in Northamptonshire – one of a handful of clinics in the UK to offer the innovative treatment.

Tixel Skin RejuvenationMore information

Results so far have been excellent – see images at:

Tixel Before & After PhotosSee Resuts

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Article Name
Clinical Evidence for Tixel Treatment
Clinical papers show Tixel thermal fractional rejuvenation results. Improved complexion in 100% of patients, wrinkle reduction in 75%, better permeability.
Publisher Name
Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre