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2015 Patient Survey – Feedback So Far

SURVEY RESULTSHere is the latest feedback from our recent anonymous online survey, with commentary from Dr John Tanqueray.

Firstly a thank you to all of you who took the trouble to complete our survey – we had a great response, with a combination of very nice compliments and a few ideas for us to consider.

In the interests of being completely transparent you can see a summary of the results here on our website, but we thought we would make a few comments in reply to some of your suggestions.

Phone advice

Someone pointed out, quite correctly, that at the time of booking an appointment it is not always possible to receive full advice about all our treatments – our telephonists know quite a bit but clearly can’t always answer your questions.

If you would like to know more before coming to see us say so and we are happy to speak to you on the phone or answer your e-mail queries.

Pre appointment information

The vast majority of responses were very happy with information provided prior to the appointment, but there were some negatives here – this is something we have been looking at and hopefully we will be providing more comprehensive information via e-mail for first time visitors in the near future.

Written information regarding treatments

Even though more than 97% of responses were Very Good, Good, or Fair this was our weakest area with 2.27% rating this Poor.

The main difficulty here is that we either have to rely on product manufacturers leaflets or produce our own. Some of the leaflets are very good, but we have to agree that some are not ever so informative.

We hope we have plugged these gaps as we do now have our own printed information where leaflets are unavailable or not up to scratch.

If you have been for a consultation and would like follow-up information about our discussion we can send you a comprehensive outline of proposed treatments, including costs and possible side-effects, via e-mail if you would like.

Appointment time and anaesthetic

A very valid comment was that the appointment reminder that you receive by text is the treatment time, and does not account for the time required if local anaesthetic cream is needed. Treatments that require this are now a small minority but nevertheless we need to address this and will do so.

Follow up

We had one comment that a follow-up appointment had not been offered. Our apologies if this was the case – it is our aim to offer this to everyone, as a medical review to monitor treatment is best practice. Depending on the treatments you are having, a review at least once or twice a year is an ideal way of ensuring best results.

Laser Hair Removal

We have had one person who was disappointed in their results, balanced by one whose treatment had exceeded expectations (see below). To the best of our knowledge this represents only the second occasion in 12 years where we have seen less than good results.


There were a couple of comments that turning the car round can be difficult. This can be the case if we have more than one or two people at the clinic at the same time. Fortunately the way we work means that this does not occur often, but if you are worried by this you could turn the car round on arrival, or there is parking available in the road at the front of the clinic.

Spread payments

We are not able to offer interest-free credit, but there are ways in which we can help you spread payments in advance if you would like to do this – please ask next time you visit.

Evening appointments

There was a request for evening appointments. At the moment we are usually here until around 7.00 or 7.30pm, but agree that evening appointments would be helpful.

Towards the end of the year we expect to be offering some later appointments, and will also very likely be offering some Saturday mornings on a regular basis – both of these should add more flexibility and make it easier to book an appointment.

Looking through the responses it looks as though there was just one person (still too many) that unfortunately we were unable to impress – if you are that person and would like to offer us any more detailed feedback please let us know.

We had a great many lovely comments and will publish these shortly.