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The Facts About Moisturiser

ZO skin health rangeDid You Know…

Regular use of moisturiser leads to:

  • reduction in the activity of the base layer of the epidermis so it produces new cells more slowly, making the skin thinner and less healthy
  • disturbance of the barrier function of the skin
  • ultimately the skin becomes more sensitive and less resilient
  • more moisturiser is needed to calm and soothe the skin even though this aggravates and continues the same problems – this is so-called “moisturiser addiction”

Far better is to treat the skin properly so that it is active and healthy, and will then be naturally moisturised from within.

How Your Skin Works

The skin works as a very effective barrier preventing loss of fluids and electrolytes from the body at the same time as stopping infectious and toxic agents from getting in. It is the surface layer, or epidermis, that fulfils this barrier function, but it relies on active and healthy deeper layers (dermis) for its support and nutrition.

In normal healthy skin the epidermis is constantly producing new cells at the base, and these migrate to the surface before they are shed – this process takes around 6 weeks.

If we think of a child’s skin it is usually flawless, plump and well hydrated. Unless treating a medical problem like eczema who would think of applying moisturiser to a child’s skin to keep it healthy? It isn’t necessary because active and healthy skin is naturally well-hydrated from within.

As we get older our skin does start to feel dry, but this reflects reduced activity in the deeper layers of the skin and the solution is to stimulate the skin so it behaves more like young skin again, not simply to “paper over the cracks” by applying moisturiser to the skin surface.

Introducing ZO Skin Health by Zein Obagi, MD

The principle of Zein Obagi’s skincare is to treat the skin properly so that it is active and healthy and will then be naturally moisturised from within.

As we learn more about the ZO range and the more we see its positive benefits the more convinced we become of the importance of building an effective programme of skincare into anyone’s treatment regime.

A moisturiser may temporarily help the skin feel softer and smoother, but this only affects the very surface layers of the epidermis, has no effect in the deeper layers of skin, and provides no real improvement or long term benefit.

ZO Medical offers a serious approach to skincare from within that works in harmony with the body’s own mechanisms.

Private Consultation

At Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre we believe that getting the right advice is vital to anybody contemplating skin treatment or a professional at-home regime such as ZO Skin Health.

We offer an extensive range of options which enable us to create a precisely customised regime for your own unique skincare needs.

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