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FTC PDO Threadlifting

Fine Thread Contour (FTC) PDO Threads

Mulberry House Clinic are delighted to announce a new option for threadlifting, specially chosen by Dr John Tanqueray to offer patients a series of tangible benefits. 

We find that the jawline and the neck areas are among the most successful and satisfying to treat. The lifting effect for the face can be quite subtle, and often other treatments will be more cost-effective for this. The threads can be used purely for textural improvement, for example in the neck or cheek areas, and we have seen good results with this. Dr John Tanqueray, MB BCh MRCGP DCH DRCOG DipOccMed BCAM

Video: Dr John Tanqueray Introduces Threadlifting

How Threadlifting Works

The process of thread lifting involves insertion of specially designed sutures and threads, which are used to ‘lift’ the structure of the face for a more youthful look. This gently smoothes out signs of ageing for more youthful look which still appears natural.

The interruption of the surface of the skin and insertion of threads has an additional benefit, which is to work within the skin, stimulating cell renewal and collagen production so that the skin naturally renews, generating a smoother, firmer and tighter texture.

Benefits of FTC PDO Thread Lift

The thread lift is ideal for patients who are seeing signs of facial ageing, as it works to effectively yet subtly lift the structure of the face without the need for surgery and can improve a variety of conditions and areas:

  • General skin tightening
  • Improvement of mild skin laxity with a ‘lifting’ effect
  • Redefines facial contours
  • Complexion, texture and skin quality improvement
  • Stimulation of collagen production
  • Reducing fat

Fine Thread Contour (FTC) Threads

The launch of Fine Thread Contour (FTC) Threads follows the introduction in 2013 of Silhouette Soft and offers visible results to a wider group of patients.  Key points for FTC threads are:

  • Fast recovery – low downtime
  • Gentle treatment technique compared to surgery
  • Threads are completely resorbed over about 6 months
  • Benefits last around 1-2 years
  • Proven suture material, used for 15 years in medicine

Neck Lift with PDO Threads

Before Thread Lift

before neck lift neck lift before

Finished Result – 6 Weeks Later

neck thread lift results after neck thread lift

FTC PDO Thread Lift FAQ

What are the threads made of?
What areas can be treated with FTC PDO Thread Lift?
Does it hurt?

How long does it take?
Will I see results straight away?
What is the recovery time?
How long will this treatment last?
What happens then?
Can I combine this with fillers?
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Fine Thread Contour (FTC) PDO Threads for threadlifting, chosen by Dr John Tanqueray for lifting and redefining face and body. Jawline, brow, abdomen, arms.