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Aqualyx Fat Reduction Injections

Localised Fat Reduction Treatment

Aqualyx is a new injectable treatment used to reduce areas of stubborn localised fat.

Popular areas which respond very well to treatment include:

  • chin
  • aqualyx logoupper arms
  • abdomen
  • “love handles”
  • hips or inner thighs

It is ideal for tackling stubborn pockets of fat that remain resistant to patients’ best efforts with diet and exercise.

Aqualyx FAQ

Does it hurt?
How many treatments will I need?
How often will my treatments be?
How much does Aqualyx cost?
Is this a weight loss treatment?
What safety standards are there for the injections?
Are there any side effects?
What aftercare guidelines do I need to be aware of?
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New Aqualyx fat reduction injections to reduce areas of stubborn localised fat e.g. chin, tummy, thighs, arms. At Mulberry House Clinic Northamptonshire.