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Weight Loss Prices

PronoKal Weight Loss Programme

pronokal weight lossWe were so impressed with the Pronokal weight loss programme that we wanted to offer it to our patients.

John and Liz Tanqueray are both accredited by PronoKal to support you throughout your weight loss journey.

How Much Does The Programme Cost?

Every Patient is different. Target weight loss will vary from person to person and so will the time taken to reach your target.  So the number of consultations and blood tests varies too.

  • Mulberry House Clinic will provide you with medical care and blood monitoring
  • PronoKal provides you with your meal replacement protein sachets and supplements, as well as ongoing multidisciplinary team support – all of this can only be accessed with a PronoKal prescription issued by Dr Tanqueray

After an initial consultation and blood test to assess your suitability for the Programme, you are followed up regularly and blood tests are repeated at intervals.

Once you are on the Programme you will have a follow-up appointment every 2 weeks:



First Consultation  £95
First Blood Test Usually  £60
Subsequent Consultations  £40
Second Blood Test at 14 days  £40
Blood Test
(final or when you have lost 10-15 kgs)


A “typical” PronoKal patient (10kg to lose) is on the programme for about 10 weeks and has 5 subsequent consultations + a second blood test + a final blood test. Patients wishing to lose more are entirely suitable but will do so over a longer period.

At each consultation you will receive your prescription for PronoKal weight loss protein sachets and supplements.  You will buy them directly from PronoKal and be looked after by one of their dieticians.  PronoKal estimates the average cost of their protein sachets plus supplements over the course of the programme is £84 per week.*

Remember you will not be buying food other than vegetables, so your weekly grocery bill will dramatically reduce.

*Please note that this is for illustrative purposes only, and actual cost may vary according to your own circumstance.

You can get more information on the PronoKal programme by ringing 0845 604 8834 and make an appointment on 01604 702630.