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Fat Freezing Revealed as Top Summer Body Treatment!

top summer treatment pollThe results of a poll show that given the choice of tackling unwanted hair or unwanted fat, clients would go for ‘Fat Freezing‘ to improve their shape.

Last week Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre were inspired by the weather and the summer holidays – and curious to know what sort of body treatment people would favour to get themselves ready for the beach. The company ran a short Facebook poll asking:

“Just wondering, what ‘summer body’ treatment would top your wish list?

“Laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair and forget about daily shaving – OR – cryolipolysis fat freezing to troubleshoot those stubborn areas?

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre actually offer both treatments. Laser hair removal has been a popular treatment at the clinic for many years and many clients swear by it, returning for additional areas once they get an experience of life without daily shaving.  Cryolipolysis – or fat freezing – is a newer treatment. The clinic invested in the fabulous CRISTAL system this year which offers substantial reduction in excess fat for a noticeably leaner shape.

We wanted to find out what was most important to people.

Fat Freezing Wins Poll 2:1 vs Laser Hair Removal

Top Summer Body Treatment

The results of the poll show a 2:1 preference in favour of fat freezing – a non-surgical treatment which allows clients to improve their body shape. Cryolipolysis targets pockets of excess fattiness and breaks down fat cells to leave a smoother and leaner shape.

Many clients struggle with a particularly difficult area of accumulated fat and you don’t need to be overweight to experience a ‘mummy tummy’ which refuses to tone up. The abdomen is a very popular area for treatment, as many women and men find the stomach area to be one where a bulge or overhang can develop. Exercise and diet should help, but in many cases, are not enough to get the flatter shape required.

Cryolipolysis uses intense cold to break down fat cells which are then expelled through the body’s metabolism.

Systems vary in terms of comfort and effectiveness, but Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Center have chosen a system which delivers both – the CRISTAL® cryolipolysis system, which is very popular in France. CRISTAL cryolipolysis claims a remarkable 25% fat loss in the treated area per session, so normally only a couple of sessions are required. This is much faster and more efficient than other systems on the market.

The abdomen is not the only area that can be treated. Other popular areas include thighs, hips and upper arms.

CRISTAL® Cryolipolysis Non-Surgical LipoMore information

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Fat Freezing Wins As Top Summer Body | Mulberry House Clinic
The results of a poll show that given the choice of laser hair removal or cryolipolysis, clients would go for 'Fat Freezing' to improve their summer body shape.
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