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Non-Invasive Eye Lifts Reviewed in Daily Mail

Latest Anti-Ageing Treatments

Daily Mail Online

The Daily Mail’s review of the latest surgery-free treatments included two non-invasive eye lifts – TIXEL and Plexr – which are available at Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre based in Northamptonshire. 

The feature talks about the trend for ‘tweakment‘ – a subtle version of a cosmetic procedure that delivers results without looking overdone.

The section on eye lifts publicises two treatments that more and more women and men have embraced as an alternative to surgery.

Traditionally, the only way to really tackle eye bags or hooded lids was through blepharoplasty surgery – upper blepharoplasty for  droopy eyelids, lower blepharoplasty for saggy eye bags. Some patients would have both for the fuller eye rejuvenation.

Eye lift surgery is not only expensive, but it is irreversible, requiring removal of excess skin. This makes recovery quite a consideration, with bandages and bruising initially followed by weeks of aftercare precautions.

Little wonder then that the non-invasive alternatives have received such a lot of interest.

TIXEL Thermal Fractional Rejuvenation

tixelThe Daily Mail feature explains how TIXEL uses intensive heat rather than scalpel, laser or injections, in order to tighten the skin for a lifted and rejuvenated look.

TIXEL uses heat to stimulate the body’s own healing and tightening responses, as the Daily Mail explains:

“The skin-shrinker”

Tixel is a little hand-held device that uses titanium cones, heated to 400C, to give a light, controlled burn to the skin and can even be used across the eyelids (yes, it’s uncomfortable, but you’re given plenty of anaesthetic cream beforehand).

“You’ll look a bit scorched for a day or two, and your skin will feel rough as it remodels itself, but the skin shrinkage that comes within a month makes it worthwhile.”

Tixel Thermal Fractional RejuvenationTreatment at Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre

Plexr Plasma Treatment

plexrAnother approach to rejuvenating the eye area without surgery is Plexr treatment, which uses plasma to deliver the energy rather than heat.

Again, there is no scalpel, laser or injection involved, making this a good choice for patients who want a non-invasive procedure with natural-looking results.

“The lightning lifter”

“Plexr is a ‘plasma’ device that takes a different approach to non-surgical eyelifts by vaporising tiny patches of skin along folds to give an instant shrinking and lifting effect.

If you’re wondering precisely what vaporising entails, it means applying tiny lightning bolts of energy to the skin, which burns away the area it lands on, sending it up in a puff of smoke. That does mean that you are left with a crust of minute burns along the upper eyelid, which will scab over and fall off over the next week. It takes more than one round of treatment to get a full result.”

Plexr® Soft Surgery SystemTreatment at Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre

Read article in full at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-5966115/From-moisture-jabs-fat-freezers-guide-best-surgery-free-tweaks-there.html

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Non-Invasive Eye Lifts Reviewed | Mulberry House Clinic
The Daily Mail's review of the latest surgery-free treatments included TIXEL and Plexr eye lifts. No scalpel, laser or injection - non-invasive procedures.
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