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Daily Express Features Plexr® Eye Treatment

‘Miracle workers which hit the ageing pause button’

The Daily Express has pulled together its list of the latest beauty and anti-ageing treatments.

The article, by The Daily Express’s experts Dr Amer Khan and Lesley Reynolds, introduces the concept of natural-looking yet effective approach, saying:

“…when it comes to anti-ageing, that less is most definitely more.

“So we’re big fans of this summer’s hottest new beauty trend that promises the most subtle and natural results.

“Dubbed ‘slow motion ageing‘, the aim isn’t to dramatically alter your appearance but to slow down the hands of time using innovative technology and treatments to shape, tighten and lift.”


Non-Surgical EyeLid Liftplexr

One of the treatments featured is the Plexr® Soft Surgery System – billed as the ‘knife free lid lift’. The article explains:

“While there are plenty of creams and treatments to tackle under-eye bags, until recently the only way to address sagging skin on the eyelids was by going under the knife.

“However, Plexr offers a non-surgical solution.

“This high-tech treatment uses tiny blasts of plasma energy to shrink and tighten the skin.

“Topical anaesthetic is used to numb the area and there may be some puffiness and redness for a couple of days after treatment.”

Read full article at https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/964279/anti-ageing-miracle-worker-stop-wrinkles-plastic-surgery.

Plexr® Soft Surgery System

Plexr® is a new approach to anti-ageing treatments which utilises plasma energy. No scalpel, no injections, no lasers and no aggressive chemicals are required.

The Plexr® handset utilises the difference in voltage between the device and a person’s skin in order to generate a small electrical arc, or plasma discharge. This in turn results in the ‘sublimation’ of fluids contained in superficial parts of the skin – turning them into a vapour – without excessively heating adjacent tissue.

Non-Surgical Eye Rejuvenation

The non-surgical eye-lift, also referred to as a upper blepharoplasty, is one of the most exciting treatments, offering a significantly cheaper, quicker and safer alternative to surgery. The treatment works to erase wrinkles and laughter lines around the eyes and an eyelift can take years off someone’s appearance.

Plexr can also be used for lower blepharoplasty (eye bag treatment) and can even treat upper and lower eyelids at the same time safely and effectively.

Treatment is available at Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre near Northampton.

Plexr Soft Surgery SystemNon-Surgical Eye Rejuvenation

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The Daily Express latest beauty and anti-ageing treatments features Plexr® Soft Surgery System - non-surgical eyelid rejuvenation treatment. Upper and lower blepharoplasty using safe and effective plasma. No surgery, laser, chemicals or injections. Available at Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre, Northamptonshire.
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