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Regular Wrinkle Relaxing Injections Extends Effectiveness

cosmetic treatmentIt has often been a matter of speculation for BOTOX® patients as to whether having regular treatment is more or less cost-effective in the long run.

Some people swear by regular treatments, feeling that it maintains and extends the benefit; while others suspect that promoting regular treatment is some kind of marketing ploy designed to make people have more, or else feel that the body may build up some kind of resistance, so that even more regular treatments are required.

So what is the evidence around this?

Research Study Results

Regular BOTOX® May Reduce Number of Treatments Needed

There is evidence that regular cosmetic injections do influence the need for frequency, allowing patients to have less treatment in the long run in order to maintain a benefit.

A study carried out by Dr Alastair Carruthers, published in Dermatologic Surgery (June 2015) showed that patients who regularly had BOTOX® wrinkle relaxing injections treatment for more than five years increased the time between treatments.

The international study looked at data of 194 patients who had received a total of 5,112 BOTOX® treatments. Findings included:

  • The number of days between BOTOX® injections for frown lines (glabellar) went up by 36% over the course of 22 treatments – from 129 days to 176 days, or around 4 months to 6 months
  • The number of days between BOTOX® injections for crow’s feet lines went up by 54% – from 136 to 209 – or around 4.5 months to nearly 7 months
  • The average annual dose used to treat glabellar lines decreased by 9% over the 5 years, with the biggest change happening in the first 3
  • 98.3% of those aged under 50 were very satisfied or mostly satisfied with the result of BOTOX® treatment
  • 86.9% of all patients treated reported looking younger than their actual age

BOTOX® Treatment, Northampton

Dr John Tanqueray is an aesthetic practitioner who established his private practice in 2003 in Hardingstone, Northamptonshire. He has produced a very informative video for patients considering treatments such as BOTOX®, dermal fillers or laser treatment.

Video: Anti-wrinkle injections vs fillers vs laser – Top treatments explained

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre Founder, Dr John Tanqueray, explains how top cosmetic and anti-ageing skin treatments work:

  1. Anti-ageing injections – treat the ‘dynamic lines’ caused by movement e.g. in the upper face frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines. Results are gradual and last 3-4 months
  2. Dermal fillers – restore volume and provide lift and support within the skin. Can treat any area of the face including brow and temple. Gradual restoration is best
  3. Laser – ideal for hair reduction or broken thread veins. 80% reduction in facial veins is typical. Laser hair removal is better on dark hair colours

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Private Consultation

A consultation with an experienced skin specialist is the best place to start. This is an opportunity to discuss what you are looking to achieve and get all the relevant information on price, side effects, aftercare and results.

There is never any pressure to go ahead at Mulberry House Clinic, and consultations are carried out by Dr John Tanqueray himself, the doctor who would be carrying out cosmetic injections.

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Research shows regular BOTOX® may reduce number of treatments needed in the long run. Crows feet treatments went from lasting 4.5 months to nearly 7 months.
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