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Injection Rhinoplasty – Non-Surgical Nose Job

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The best known way of reshaping the nose is through rhinoplasty – a surgical procedure for altering the shape and structure of the the nose.

However, while in some cases a surgical rhinoplasty may be the best option; nowadays a non-surgical nose job may be a better alternative for those who are happy with the function of their nose yet dissatisfied with its shape and profile.

A non-surgical rhinoplasty focuses on altering the shape of the nose, addressing cosmetic deformities and defects which are either the natural shape or acquired through injury; including:

  • Dips and depressions
  • Humps and bumps
  • Nose tip shape and projection
  • Thin nose
  • Asymmetry

Injection Rhinoplasty

The non-surgical nose job is carried out with injectable dermal facial fillers.

Modern dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a gel which replicates a substance naturally found in the skin.  Hyaluronic acid retains water within the skin and is used in cosmetic procedures to add volume.

In the non-surgical nose job, use of fillers can blend out dips and disguise bumps. It can help with asymmetry and produce an overall more pleasing profile which is harmonious with the facial features. All without the cost and hassle of surgery.

Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, the nonsurgical approach requires no anaesthetic or hospital stay. There is no extensive recovery or aftercare to worry about and downtime is negligible. The procedure is quickly and safely accomplished within the clinic.

Of course with the liquid nose job, the results will not lost forever. Generally the fillers are considered to give a 12-18 month benefit. When the effects wear off, the procedure can be repeated. The advantage of a nonsurgical approach is that future procedures can be adjusted to suit the rest of the face, recognising any weight change, ageing or other dynamic.

The only real limitation of a nonsurgical approach to nose reshaping is that it focuses purely on aesthetic outcome. It cannot correct structural anatomical abnormalities – so any functional issues with breathing, snoring or other problems may still require surgery.

Yet anecdotal information would indicate that the majority of nose jobs carried out are for aesthetic reasons.

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Injection Rhinoplasty - Non-Surgical Nose Job
A non-surgical rhinoplasty focuses on the shape of the nose, addressing humps and bumps for a smoother, straighter profile. 12-18 months using advanced fillers.
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