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Patient Queries – Dr John Tanqueray Responds

Dr TanquerayMulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre founder and Aesthetic Doctor has commented on the results of its 2017 Patient Satisfaction Survey, picking up on some of the points raised by respondents. 

We’d like to thank everyone who completed our online survey recently for your time and comments.

We have been doing surveys like this for a few years now. Of course it is always very nice to receive such positive feedback and to see results that show that we are doing things well a great deal of the time; and that we are considerably ahead of the majority of clinics across Europe.Dr John Tanqueray, MB BCh MRCGP DCH DRCOG DipOccMed BCAM

Key Satisfaction Ratings:

  • How well the provider listened as very good, – 94% for Mulberry House Clinic vs 71% in the global benchmark
  • Patients rating their overall experience as very good – 87% for Mulberry House Clinic vs 68% in the global benchmark
  • Patients who would strongly recommend the clinic to friends or family – 90% for Mulberry House Clinic vs 64% in the global benchmark
Of course as it is an anonymous survey we can’t answer personally any question or comment that is made, so if there is anything you would like to tell us or ask us in relation to our service please take it up with us and we’d be happy to hear from you.

Here are a few questions that were raised with our response:

Patient Survey Suggestions

With Response from Dr John Tanqueray

Website should show prices/suggested treatments for different skin conditions –

“Our website does show prices for all our treatments, and there are also links to suggested treatments for different skin problems.

“Of course the information is there but is no substitute for a consultation – this is where we can recommend treatments that will address the specific concerns that you have, and give you a fuller picture of what can be achieved.”

Skincare purchase online

“This is not something that will be available. Dr Obagi holds a strong view that the ZO range should be used under supervision and not be available online.”

Payment plans –

“It is possible to set up a regular payment plan if this makes life easier for you, or as a way of budgeting for treatments. Please speak to us next time you are here if you would like to consider this.”

Our website should be more obviously welcoming to males –

“We are certainly happy to see and treat males. Men make up 10% or less of our appointments. This is certainly something we will bear in mind as the website develops further.”

Request for promotions on treatments –

“We have not been in the habit of offering special deals.

“Firstly we aim to offer value on all our treatments all the time; secondly the General Medical Council and the Advertising Standards Agency view promotions as an enticement to have medical procedures so these practices should not be happening.

“We have seen too many people who have been drawn into having a particular treatment because it was “on offer” and regretted it – it pays to ask why an offer is being made – is someone new to this treatment, are they offering an inferior product, is there some reason why they are not as busy as they would like to be?”

Review appointments –

“We do not always offer a routine review appointment, for example if treatment has been done before or if it is unlikely to be needed – however we are always happy to review you at any time if this would be helpful.”

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Patient Queries - Dr John Tanqueray Responds
Dr John Tanqueray comments on points raised in the Survey - payment schemes, treatments for men, review appointments, promotions, prices, online skincare shop.
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